Gambling Superstition Around The World

Gambling is a game of luck, but should never be considered as a game that is based solely on luck. In fact, gambling is a game that needs a fair amount of skill to play, be it in strategizing, deceit, mind games, body language, and above all else, confidence and self-control. However, it is inevitable that in gambling, superstition should arise in the community, simply because humans are sometimes weird and illogical in trying to make sense of the laws of cause and effect.


Gambling Myth Around The World

It should be mentioned that we are firm believers in sciences and mathematics, analytical statistics and risk calculation, and are in no way claiming that superstitions are legit and reasonable in any way. However, we do find the topic of gambling superstitions rather intriguing since it is a dominant topic that surrounds the culture of gambling, and by discussing gambling superstitions, hopefully, we can shed a light or two on the nature of gambling, and what makes gambling so interesting. Here is a list of gambling superstitions around the world, for your amusement:

Gambling superstition around the world


Crossing Your Fingers

Crossing fingers is a common gesture used around the world to wish for luck, this includes gamblers as well when luck is absolutely crucial in receiving a good hand. This belief can be found around the world and is not limited to any specific regions, although Christians do believe in it with a stronger intensity when compared to other religions because to them, it is considered to be a request for protection from God.


Wearing Red

Red clothing is often worn by gamblers, especially gamblers with a Chinese background, as the colour red is equated to be a colour of fortune by the Chinese, which explains why all the Chinese New Year decorations are in red. Many gamblers who are not Chinese, however, also hold this belief. 


Delaying Reveal

By not looking at the results, such as your hand during a poker game or the screen during a slot game, it is believed that the results would somehow be improved. It is a weird belief since whatever happened can not be changed regardless if it is observed or not (unless you are a cat in a quantum box, wink wink) but more people believe in it than you would expect. A simple explanation for this could be that people enjoy the excitement in anticipating the results, therefore giving birth to such a practice.


Counting Money

The superstition is that counting your money will bring bad luck, as the old saying goes: do not count your chickens before they hatch. Some gamblers avoid counting not only due to superstition but also because flaunting your money in front of other players can be considered to be bad table etiquette. 


The number 13

You probably already know this, the number thirteen is considered to be the unluckiest number by the entire world. This belief is commonly referenced in pop culture, books, music, movies, or even folklore. Certain superstitious gamblers truly think that this number should be avoided at all cost, even from sight. Some gamblers hold this belief so firmly that they would avoid gambling for the rest of the day if this number is seen anywhere, at any point of the day.

At the end of the day, it’s fun to discuss superstition, but it will become a difficult situation if one takes it too seriously. Gambling is supposed to be about the communion, the entertainment, and the thrill; we hope you gamblers out there do not let mere superstition get in the way of you having fun!



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