10 Tips for Online Poker

If you’re thinking about getting into online poker, then you have come to the right place! There are always strategies to incorporate into the game but those strategies are that much more important when you can’t read the faces of the people in the room.


10 Key Tactics for Online Poker

Online poker can be more challenging, but it is just as much fun so here are 10 tips for online poker to get you started!


  1.     Start Small

Dip your toe into the water before jumping in. Start with small bets to get the hang of the online forum, you can even try starting with a single player table. It can be easy to get frustrated with playing a new version of poker, and the same goes for online so make sure to ease into it and avoid the urge to stop playing.


  1.     Check Your Environment

Playing online usually means that you are playing from home or an internet café, so be sure that you are in an environment with limited distractions. You have to make sure that you are able to pay closer attention to the nuance of the game since you are playing on a screen and therefore interacting less with the players and dealer.


  1.     Bluff Strategically

The fastest way to lose a poker game is bluffing for no reason or without a strategy. You have to know when bluffing is worth the risk and when it isn’t and you also have to know your own tells. If you are going to bluff in a game, then you have to do it with confidence and without hesitation because anything else will simply give you away.


  1.     Observe Weaknesses

Playing poker online may have the same rules as regular poker, but they are not the same game at all when it comes to reading the room. Pay attention to the weaknesses of the other players in different ways rather than observing their faces. Pay attention to how often they hesitate before a hand or tells that are nonverbal. If you are able to hear each other with the platform you are using, strike up a conversation and see how that changes the behaviour of the players or see if there are changes in their voice.


  1.     Defend Big Blind

Defending the blinds is when you call or raise from a blind after someone else has raised. You could either fold or defend it by calling or raising. Once you are in the position of defending the big blind, it can be pretty lucrative to practice this. Of course, if you have a terrible hand then this is a terrible strategy but if you have a hand that contains a King or Queen or anything that could end up putting you in a good position, then the defence is the best strategy.


  1.     Build the Pot

It’s important to build up the pot in any poker game, so try to play your strong hands fast. Most novice players will slow play their great hands because they are afraid, but playing them fast will get you the best results. Once you build up the pot then you have more capital to take risks with, so get them out there in the beginning.


  1.     Play Aggressively

Try to play a few hands as possible, but make them count! In online poker it is important to demonstrate your prowess and confidence, so playing an aggressive game is of the utmost importance. This is particularly important when you have yet to build up a reputation with the online community with whom you are playing.


  1.     Invest in Tech

If you are playing online poker, it is worth investing in the right software. If you play free games online then there can be a lot of bugs and malware included in the site. If you are playing with others then you never know who else is accessing the game and you should really be careful to keep up with security on your computer to protect yourself. Do your research on a reputable platform and avoid uncertainty!


  1.     Hold Your Own

Limping is what we call it in poker when you only bet the minimum to stay in a hand. Don’t be the first one to do it, especially in online poker! You can limp after someone else already has for strategic purposes, but it is always best to push the odds and stack them in your favour.


  1.   Know When to Walk

One of the best things that you can do in poker is learning when to fold your cards or when to walk away from the table. The trick is letting yourself feel the uncertainty and weigh it against the weaknesses of the other players at the table. If you are too unsure and don’t feel like you can confidently read the room, just take a beat and get ready for the next game!


The stigma about online poker is really inaccurate, especially with the software and platforms out there today. There are so many opportunities to have fun with this game online and you never know who you could end up playing a game with. Instead of finding the same crowd at the same local tournaments or casinos, it can be fun to branch out and play with complete strangers in Ukraine or Brazil on live casinos. If you’re able to interact a bit, then you could get an experience beyond the game while still having fun doing what you love the most. Keep checking in with us here for more tips on how to be the best at the game that has us all hooked!



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