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For the latest news, guides and reviews that are related to casinos and gambling culture around the world, you have come to the right place. Who are we? Well, we are a lot of things. Mainly, we are a group of gambling enthusiasts that all share the same level of passion for poker, slots, and betting both online and offline. We are a team of a hundred people based all across the world working together to spread the joy of gambling. Most of us grew up in an environment that does not shy away from gambling, simply because gambling is deeply embedded in our culture. As a Chinese myself, I grew up playing blackjack and poker with friends and families during festive seasons. To me, and surely many more people out there who share the same background as me, gambling games such as poker or blackjack are more than just games, they are a tool used for bonding and socializing with the people you love. It will be especially quiet during Chinese New Year if it does not involve any form of gambling such as mahjong or poker, it just does not feel right. The magic of these games is that it easily livens up a room, which is why it is so adored by people at parties. 


Who Are We?

Besides that, we are writers. We love to share our knowledge with our writers regarding gambling tips and tricks, reviews of casinos, and matchup predictions to help with sports betting. Our casino reviews cover both online and offline casinos, we do monthly site visits to reevaluate casinos which we have reviewed before to make sure that our reviews are up to date. We understand how difficult it can be to pick a trustworthy casino to visit due to the abundance of options available out there. One simple google search would reveal rows and rows and online casinos with fancy names and colourful layouts. Our job is to help our readers filter out the not trustworthy ones so they can scratch their gambling itch without worries. We take our reviews very seriously because we have a reputation as one of the most reliable gambling blogs in the world to keep. Our reviews of online casinos include the availability and variability of game modes, design and functionality, ease of access, size of the player base, security and privacy plus others. Our reviews of real-life casinos cover all of the above, plus casino layout and of course, how can we miss the food and drinks? In our reviews, we mostly prioritize the security of privacy as it is considered to be the most important aspect of a casino. Having a large number of games with top-notch qualities can be fun but in the end, it comes down to if any harm will come to the casino patrons that we worry about the most. Some casinos do not protect the privacy of their consumers and this type of bad practice should be avoided at all cost, it is the actions of these irresponsible casinos that the image of casinos are damaged. In order for the casino market to truly thrive, especially in Asia, we must spread awareness and weed them out of the market forever — that is precisely our mission.


International Crew at Weblicon

Finally, we are also journalists. We have staff based in every corner of Europe and Asia. Our crew travels across countries to cover news that is casino-related, for example, poker tournaments such as the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and the European Poker Tour. We have also travelled to Atlantic City which hosted the United States Poker Championship to interview major league players and share their thoughts with our readers. We do what we do because major news sites often do not invest much attention to the gambling culture as a whole, as they are too occupied with worldly news such as disasters or politics or political disasters, so on and so forth. We do this because we love gambling, and we understand how hard it is to keep up with the world of gambling. Not many people talk about it, it is not a matter of interest but a matter of resources, or lack thereof, which is why our job is so necessary. We have the resources and we have the manpower to help promote the culture of gambling which we so deeply adore, therefore, we have created this blog for our mission. We have various online casinos and online software providers, mostly based in Asia such as BK8, SCR888 and 96slots, to thank for this due to their acknowledgement of our passion and willingness to sponsor us. We also have scouts on the internet to bring you exclusive online gambling-related news, whether it be about the jackpot, statistics, site upgrades or maintenance, we will be sure that our readers are the first to hear about them. We work hard to bring news in the form of writing or videos, our interviews with celebrities in the gambling scene are well-prepared and comprehensive, you can check them out for yourselves in our news tab.


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Have any questions about us? Want to know more? For more information, we are always ready to have a chat with our beloved readers. Visit the contact us page to find out ways to reach out to us, whether it be through email, WhatsApp, Wechat or live chat, we will always try our best to answer any questions about gambling or our jobs. If you too, like us, are extremely passionate about gambling and wish to help out with our projects, interviews or writing, do not hesitate to contact us. Our requirements are simple, that you are love gambling as much as we do. You do not have to be very knowledgeable about gambling, we will always welcome newcomers. We provide training, education and promotion. Our goal has always been to spread useful knowledge and raise awareness, everything we write and publish, we do it with the readers’ interests in mind.