Father Leaves His 2 Children Alone So He Can Go Gambling

Parents leaving their children unattended and going about their business is a common problem that arises in the world. They should be more concerned about their children and hire babysitters if they want to avoid issues with the law. No one’s asking them to quit all their activities, only to be more responsible when it comes to their children.


Father Leaves His 2 Children Alone Because He Wants To Gamble

An incident occurred earlier this year when a father left his two children alone in a hotel room to go gambling. They were left without supervision which is considered a serious crime. This is not a sole incident, many scenarios similar in nature have occurred previously.


Father Leaves His 2 Children Alone Because He Want To Gamble
Father Leaves His 2 Children Alone Because He Wants To Gamble


The Incident

The father, Justin Delaunce Pendleton is a 28-year-old who happened to be on a trip with his family at Mohegan Sun casino. The family included his mother and two children of ages 3 and 5.

According to the casino management, other guests complained of two children roaming around the corridors searching for their father. Upon investigation of the casino management, it was found that the father nor the grandmother were supervising the children. Both of the accused persons had contradicting statements about where they were and questions regarding the children.

This incident occurred late at night, around 10:30 pm and the investigation went on till 1 am. Once the authorities checked the rooms, it was discovered that the father and grandmother were present. However, the children were nowhere in sight. This raises questions over how neglectful the parent must be to not know the presence of his children.

When the children’s grandmother was questioned about their whereabouts, she responded vaguely. She mentioned how the children were in the room at all times and drifted off without giving any explanations. The father who leaves children alone for gambling, on the other hand, stated that he went out searching for his mother. She was supposedly playing games at the casino so he couldn’t get in touch with her. Once he was downstairs, he got distracted by the slot machines and stayed there for only 20 minutes.


Charges By The Police

On account of what happened, the police took serious measures to punish the accused people. Even though the grandmother was involved, she was given leeway and no charges were taken up against her. The father, Pendleton who is a father who leaves children alone for gambling, was incriminated based on child endangerment charges. After these charges, he was jailed based on a DUI conviction which was not concerning this incident.

The judge dealing with Pendleton’s case set up a high bail as the charges against him were of a high degree. Policies regarding children’s endangerment are extremely strict and the law takes them very seriously as well. Pendleton has still not been able to cover his entire bail amount so he remains in prison till the issue is solved in court.



This isn’t the first time an incident like this has occurred. Parents and guardians need to make sure that their children aren’t left unattended as it can be extremely dangerous. Hire someone trustworthy to take care of your little ones or wait till you have at least one person to attend to your kids. Alternatively, you may try playing in an online casino where you can enjoy playing everywhere at any time. Don’t leave them alone for any reason!


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