Top 10 Largest Slot Machines Win In Human History

The first thing that comes to the mind of most persons upon hearing the word ‘slot’ or even seeing the physical slot machine is ‘jackpot’. However, in reality, not everyone gets the chance of clinching the big jackpot. Gambling would be pointless if players were assured victory. But how big exactly are these jackpots that are associated with slot machines at 918kiss? Let’s find out the size of these jackpots by looking at 10 of the biggest slot machine wins in the history of the game. Having a glimpse of this jackpot will to a large extent allow you to dream of your own big day in slot machines win.


Big Casino Jackpot

There is a common saying that goes like this “whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Well, when it comes to the big casino jackpot wins in history, it doesn’t follow that saying. These jackpots becomes the talk of almost every casino player in the world. Below is a count-down of the mind-boggling wins that have occurred in human history:

  1. An unexpected 12.7 million thrill: an anonymous woman won a $12,769,933 jackpot on her nieces birthday at Aria resort. She was surprised to see that her 6-coin bet of $6 won her the jackpot. She couldn’t believe that she has won such a huge sum of money. This bet was on the Megabucks series by IGT.
  2. Insomnia worth $13 million: a university student in Norway won this jackpot. In a quest to cure his insomnia at the Betsson sports section, this student used a number of his free spin granted by the casino. With these free spins, he won $13,152,497.31 on NetEnts mega fortune slot.
  3. Mega moolah $16 million wins: this is the first thing that comes to mind when the biggest casino jackpots are mentioned. At the MicroGaming Moolah sot, an amazing win of $16,547,625.00 was won by a 26-year old British soldier Jon Heywood with a wager of only 25 pence.
  4. 25 cents turned $24 million: a finish poker player turned a 25-cent bet into over $24 million by spinning the reels of mega fortune slot. He won playing at a Scandinavian online casino. The player remains anonymous up to this day.
  5. The mistake that won a jackpot of $27.5 million: as the saying goes “to err is human, to win $27,5 million is divine”. A retired flight attendant in las vegas proved it better than anyone. She mistakenly wagered $300 instead of $100 on Megabucks slots on her visit to the palace station, and this won her a $27,5 million jackpot before she could even correct her mistake.
  6. A mind-boggling $39 million win: this happens to be the biggest slot machines win payout in history. It happened in a Vegas casino. This was won by a 25-years old software engineer from Los Angeles who decided to try his luck at the famous Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas. The jackpot was a Megabucks jackpot, and it changed the life of this young software engineer for good.
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