UK Casino Stocks Show Strong Positive Sign Of Growth In 2020

The gambling industry in the UK has experienced a spike in growth over the years.  As of September 2016, the gambling industry in the UK was estimated to reach a whopping sum of £13.8 billion and has risen considerably over the years. Although, there has been a dip in the rate of investment in gambling stocks in recent years. This abrupt change has been attributed to the demographics of current clientele currently engaged in gambling. On the other hand, a certain category of people does not invest in casino stocks because they perceive gambling as morally wrong. 

Matt High, a content editor at, Is of the opinion that there is currently a revived interest for investments in casinos and their affiliate firms. This pertains to the Uk market, which has experienced substantial growth in terms of the number of new casinos opening up by the numbers and the number of online casino developers. This growth goes beyond the frontiers of the UK market. The casino business has grown considerably in Macau over the years beyond everyone’s expectations. With a number of proposed building projects, Las Vegas has also witnessed its fair share of growth. Privy to this knowledge, individuals are driven to make an investment in casino stock with the possibility of making profits.


UK Casino Market Recovery

Young people are seldom seen patronizing the services of land-based casinos. Their interest is tilted towards sports betting and is rarely seen frequently in casinos to play casino games. The regular customers of land-based casinos fall within the age range of 40 and above. But the current trend of online casinos is responsible for the increasing interest of young people in casino games.

A number of Casinos in the UK have extended their services to other countries, consequently resulting in an increased worldwide demand for casino services. According to relevant data, the profit made by casino operators is estimated to be around £1 billion, reflecting a 13.5% increase from that obtained from the preceding year. 

This goes to show the degree of profitability obtainable upon investing in casino stocks. For the purpose of helping investors in the UK to make a better and well-informed decision, the following below portrays the stock performance of, Rank Group, a leading casino outfit in the UK.


Rank Group: RNK (LSE)

They are very popular in the gambling sector of the UK. The rank group is the proud owner of Grosvenor Casinos, Mecca Bingo, and the internet-based rank interactive. They gained inroads into several markets associated with the casino business so they can increase their revenues.  Their stock prices experienced a 30-day increase at 221.30, and with subsequent steady spikes which they have witnessed since the month of  May. The market value of the RNK is put at £864.58 million, and in 2016/17, the company amassed £71.1 million as profits.


Net-Ent: NET-B (STO)

This is a Swedish based developing company that has come up with many new slots in the recent past. They are very popular because they give players the chance to enjoy the freshness of gameplay.

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