Man Quits Job As A 7-11 Cashier After Winning Online Jackpots During Lunch Break

7-11 Cashier Quit His Job After Winning Jackpots During Lunch Break

It was just another day at work for Thomas Border, who had been working diligently and passionately in a 7-11 shop as a cashier for almost 6 years now. The monotony of everyday work and the lack of rising in pay had started making him detest the job for quite some time now. However, the need for being able to fare for his family and put food on the table left no other road but to continue going to work on a daily basis.

The Monday of 14th October 2019 was no different, with Thomas helping customers of the 7-11 complete their billing procedures and pay for the things that they had bought. The job of a cashier is quite boring, having to do the same thing over and over again, and also keeping in mind that no money is left unaccounted for. Thomas was eagerly waiting for his lunch break to come so that he could get some respite from the drudgery of his job for even a few minutes if possible. What was going to happen with him during this lunch break is something he couldn’t have even imagined in his wildest dreams.

Thomas had always had a passion for casino games, but given his financial conditions, he did not have the courage to go and gamble with any real money. A friend of his had introduced him to a brilliant online casino games service platform, Spadegaming, and Thomas indulged his love for gambling through this platform and the many games that it provided. Moreover, the entry fees for most of the games were nominal and therefore, it did not hurt Thomas much from a financial perspective.


Man Quits Job As A 7-11 Cashier After Winning Online Jackpots During Lunch Break
Man Quits Job As A 7-11 Cashier After Winning Online Jackpots During Lunch Break


The Life Changer Moment

As the lunch break started, Thomas went out and took out his sandwich and while taking a bite on it he opened his phone and logged into the Spadegaming platform. After all, this was one of the most enjoyable times of his daily work, and he looked forward to this hour more than anything did while working every day. As the platform loaded, Thomas was surprised to see a number of jackpot games being offered on the platform that you can play at a nominal rate and hope to win great returns.

Wondering the worst possible scenario and shrugging at it, Thomas started playing the games. The next half-n-hour would be life-changing for Thomas Border, who started winning one online jackpot after the other. Within half an hour, he had won close to $400,000, something that he would not have been able to earn, even if he had continued working for his entire lifetime at the 7-11.

Thomas could not believe what had just happened to him and he immediately went onto his mobile banking account since the money had already been transferred according to the online casino platform. He had only $47 dollars in his bank account and after logging in the revised balance showed $400,047. This is completely the opposite of our previous article’s topic, “From Hero to Zero”.

Thomas could not believe his eyes and refreshed the page numerous times, but the number remained the same. The first thing he did was call up his wife Barbara and tell her that he was going to quit his job and that she should not worry because he has got everything covered. That was probably the most dramatic lunch break the 7-11 store had experienced, with a euphoric Thomas Border handing over his resignation to his manager in the most animated manner possible.

Thomas plans to drive through the States with his family first and then invest the money smartly in various ventures and continue playing poker. A simple cashier till Monday, Thomas is now the owner of thousands of dollars owing to his luck and the availability of lucrative online gaming offers on Spadegaming. Visit the site today to try your luck and who knows, you might become the next Thomas.



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