Scooping an eye-watering total of £1.75 million, the woman wins twice a month in the game of Mega jackpots on the same slot machine

Woman Wins Twice Mega Jackpots A Month On The Same Slot Machine

Once in a millennium does the lady luck go wild like this by giving a win such as what was blessed to a 40-year-old woman in south London? Elated, excited yet aghast at her sheer luck on such an incredible win, Sandam (that is her gaming name) says, “It was past my belief when I had won the first Jackpot.”


Scooping An Eye-watering Total Of £1.75 million, The Woman Wins Twice A Month In The Game Of Mega Jackpots On The Same Slot Machine
Scooping An Eye-watering Total Of £1.75 million, The Woman Wins Twice A Month In The Game Of Mega Jackpots On The Same Slot Machine


How Did It Happen?

She hit her first jackpot on Good Friday when she started with wagering just £20 bets two times on the IGTs Star Lanterns Mega jackpots Slot. In return, lucky Sandam earned a staggering, life-changing prize of £1.3 million.

As if that wasn’t enough for Sandam’s lucky stars, almost three weeks later she again scored a jackpot on the same slot machine and got entitled to a winning payout that amounted to eye-popping £627,000 as revealed by Bgo, the online gambling company.

“As shocking as the first win was, this second jackpot within a month’s time made me doubt if there was a technical error”, Sandam told us after beating all odds in April 2017.

The Marketing Head of the Bgo company, Allan Turner, was equally amazed and said, “Winning twice in a month is totally against the odds and would sound crazy if it weren’t for real.

“It was a pleasure to have Sandam as our jackpot winner- the force of nature was definitely smiling down at her that Friday, plus she seems to have a magic touch which is what the boss is most bothered about.”

According to Bgo statistics, comparatively, there was a greater numerical probability of being struck by lightning (1 in 10million), bringing four identical babies into this world (1 in 13million), winning an Oscar (a meagre 1 in 11,500) or being attacked by a shark (1 in 11.5million).


How Much In Total Winnings?

But earning a total six-figure jackpot of £1.75 million in a single month on the same online casino slot machine was a chance of 625million to 1.

The same incident occurred at an online casino by Bgo when a father of two kids from Cheshire experienced a stroke of luck by scooping a huge £6million win on the Christmas holidays.

Sandam animatedly described her intentions and how excited she was to win this much money that can fulfil almost every dream she had fantasized about. Her initial plans are to spend her winnings on a new car model followed by several treats and celebratory dinners with all her loved ones, friends and family. She further adds that she hasn’t slept a wink since the big win and feels like she’s been living a daydream.

Online casinos at Bgo Company are quite popular for making jackpot winners. You can simply download an app on your mobile phone or experience the thrill on your desktop. But there is a whole wide range of games you will discover because Sandam shouldn’t have to be the only player who struck it lucky at Bgo!           



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