Is Live Casino Rigged?

Is Live Casino Manipulated?

A sound reason that makes people walk away from casinos is the fear of being cheated. Although gambling is a game of luck and odds, players only desire to invest in a trustable game. Many people shy away from gambling because they believe that all casino games are rigged. That can be true in the rarest of casinos, but amongst the many casinos, the ones that increase the accessibility of the game are live casinos Malaysia. You can play them anywhere, add money effortlessly, and add weight to your bank statement. However, the big question of the authenticity of live casinos still remains a mystery.


Is Live Casino Rigged?
Is Live Casino Rigged?


How Safe is Live Casino?

Although the house or casino operator is going to take its share every time you place a bet, there are fewer chances of the house cheating or scamming. The common misconception is that live casinos can use underhanded tactics to lower people’s odds of winning. As there is no physical location of a live casino, this misconception gets rooted firmly in suspicious minds. Nevertheless, you can play them confidently as not all live casinos are booby traps set to empty your pockets.

How to Find a Reliable Casino?

Just like any other game or sport, gambling also has associations and licensing that regulate the businesses of various casinos. A fair advantage that the members of these associations have is the trust of accreditation. One of the most reliable accreditations for both land-based and online casinos is the TST certification. Technical Systems Testing or TST audits, certify the fairness of the games and ensure players a fair chance of winning. TST auditing is internationally recognized, making its judgment reliable everywhere. You can also check the local or national licensing of your region to verify a casino’s trustworthiness.

Nearly all associations blacklist casinos that cheat and terminate their licenses, which is a good measure that prevents casinos from rigging their games. There’s a simple logic behind this, all casinos are businesses, and licensed casinos make more greens than the ones that do not hold a license.

Another way you can steer clear from the way of fraudulent casinos is by comparing their payouts. The payouts of major casino games and bets are no secret. You can check them online, and they are neither rocket science, just maths. If you find the payout rate of a casino to be too good to be true, it is a vague indication its games can be rigged.

Instances of Rigging

In the past, there have been a few instances where the owners have rigged their games. For example, a player found Reel Deal and Hi/Lo Gamblers to be rigging her in a coin flip game. While the casino advertised a 100% payout rate, the actual payout was 96%. Similar accusations were made against the winner of the Absolute Poker Tournament in 2007. However, all such manipulations were easily detected by other players.

A wild instinct that helps experienced players is their knowledge of popular casino games. For example, in blackjack, the house has a fair mathematical advantage, but the actual payout depends upon the skill level of the player. Live blackjack games use RNG algorithms to maintain a fair payout. In poker, an individual can only take an unbelievable number of wins under his name if he has inside information, which is impossible in online gambling.

For both inexperienced and experienced players, keen observation and alertness can help them from being cheated. While games may appear to be rigged in online casinos, the truth is that all casinos have a calculated share that allows them to take home profit.



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