Poker Players Sue Stones Gambling Hall, Mike Postle for $30 Million in Alleged Cheating Case

Mike Postle Sue Stones Gambling Hall for $30 Million in Cheating Case

Twenty-four poker players have combined forces in an effort to get reimbursed for their financial losses as well as hold several people accountable for an alleged poker scam. According to players, this was an elaborate scam that went on for an extended period of time due to Stone’s Gambling Hall, employees of Stone’s, and the man in the centre of the scandal, Mike Postle, for $30 Million in an alleged cheating case.


Poker Players Sue Stones Gambling Hall, Mike Postle for $30 Million in Alleged Cheating Case
Poker Players Sue Stones Gambling Hall, Mike Postle for $30 Million in Alleged Cheating Case


Mike Postle’s Skill Was Unfathomable to Other Players

Players noted that Mike Postle had an unbelievable amount of skill, at first. As he continued to win and continued to make what seemed to be random guesses that were in his favour, players began to suspect that something else was going on.

They reported those concerns to the poker room manager, Justin Kuraitis, who proceeded to tell players that Postle simply had an extremely high level of skill. They were not satisfied with this answer and took to social media as well as internet forums with their complaints. It wasn’t long before other people, such as notorious poker players, began to look into the situation as well. They uncovered several interesting things pointing to a money-making scandal in their midst.


Live Streams Only

Poker players noted that Postle only played Live Stream poker games. He had several opportunities to play other games with the same players. Instead, Mr Postle left as soon as the live stream was over, and never accepted an invitation to another poker game. Players found this highly suspect. If a person had such a high skill level, why wouldn’t they want to win even more money other than cheating?


Cell Phone Under the Table

Other players that participated in the same games via live stream noted that Mr Postle always seemed to have his cell phone in his hand. According to them, the cell phone was always out of their site, carefully hidden under the table so that Postle could see it, but no one else could. These players allege that this is how Mike was receiving his information.


Unnamed Informative

Postle and a poker room manager could not have scammed their way into hundreds of thousands of dollars without an insider to give them information regarding the other players’ cards, and players believe they know who this insider was. In court documents, he is referred to as John Doe. In forums, he remains an unnamed man as well. Players involved in the lawsuit claim that they believe they know who he is but will not release a name. This un-named person will more than likely be involved in the lawsuit as the investigation progresses.



It is alleged that poker room manager Justin Kuraitis let this scandal continue by negligence. Players involved in the lawsuit believe that if it would have been properly investigated by Stones after it was reported, the scam would have been stopped, and they would have experienced significantly less hardship.

As of now, several world-renowned internet poker players are investigating the matter online in an attempt to uncover the truth. Players are pushing $10 million from each defendant in the lawsuit in an attempt to get justice. As both sides push to get people in their favour, the poker community is divided, and only the truth will bring them together again.


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