From Hero to Zero

From Hero to Zero in Gambling Industry

Gambling is an addiction that can take away almost everything in your possession. In a nanosecond, it goes from something as spontaneous and fun as a meagre game to an unhealthy, life-risking obsession that brings you down on your face.

One such case that left the man a wreck by gambling into debts is of a successful 43-year-old salesman, who in a short time of 59 minutes spent his £35,000 like water, specifically to those high-speed, high-stakes gambling machines in his neighbourhood’s high street- the Coral’s bookmakers.





When asked in a detailed interview, he told us all about his squandering experience to gambling addiction and how he became mentally and emotionally handicapped; ready to throw away his money, relationships, family and respect to fixed-odds betting terminals. He remembers the unfortunate time a fortnight before Christmas when he swiped his debit card that was initially charged with £500 which he wrongly gambled in an electronic roulette taking his first steps to a misadventure.

The gambler further adds that approximately after 10 minutes of the gap, he further spent £1000 as a credit to the terminal which again backfired. It became a pattern then; swiped his debit card, bought £1000 worth of credit and lost.

“I threw it all away, I think I was in a trance and couldn’t make sense of what I was doing. It was only me and the machine,” said the unlucky guy. Teary-eyed, the gambler told us that all the misspend money was supposed to pay all dues and debts. Also, it was the occasion of Christmas when families exchange presents and the gambler had similar plans with his wife and son.

Now that he is in the recovery phase, he speaks about how one should manage his finances, inhibit betting urges, become disciplined and get counselling and treatment for gambling disorder.

“I realized it after I got steeped in £1 million of debt that clean saving is extremely critical to be financially secure,” the gambler said.

Researches show there are different ways to stop ourselves from compulsive gambling.

Taking a break has proven to be effective. Even if you don’t want to leave gambling, you must take a break to bring back the good luck streaks into the game. Another step to a successful roulette experience is reducing that enormous bet size. Bankrolls and families do not have to suffer because of an addictive game. “A fixed portion of regular income must be assigned and locked up in a safe place before your gambling riot begins,” suggests our unlucky gambler.  

Liverpool Public Health Observatory assembled a report that revealed that respondents admitted in the conducted surveys that they became indifferent to their monetary and relationship statuses that led to mistrust and arguments. Likewise, research from the University of British Columbia’s centre for gambling in Canada states that there is an obvious behavioural pattern in addictive gambling-all report debts that interfere with day-to-day functioning. Once the debts start piling up, the gambler must see a health expert or share with a family member to sort out the mess before it becomes inevitable.


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