Housewife Duped Out Of RM6,150 In Online Gambling Scam

Housewife’s RM6,150 Scammed In Online Gambling

On the 12th of April, 2019, a police report was filed by a 38yr old victim who had been scammed online. Housewife Duped Out Of RM6,150 In Online Gambling Scam. This is, however, not new, as a lot of people are scammed every day. The internet is a scary place, crawling with many scam artists.

Even though there are numerous cases of online scams, online casinos seem to be gaining a lot more recognition. There’s not a doubt that online gambling has a huge demand, which grows daily.

As a matter of fact, one of the biggest online gambling sites known as Bet365 has over 15 million subscribers. Also, what’s amazing is the fact that none of these subscribers is from the United States.


Housewife Duped Out Of RM6,150 In Online Gambling Scam
Housewife Duped Out Of RM6,150 In Online Gambling Scam


Hence, you have to wonder why so many people love to gamble online, despite the risks that come with it. Here are a few reasons why;

  • Fun & Thrilling Experience

One major reason why a lot of people gamble online is that it is fun. The risk associated with using an online casino is easily a major reason why people love to do it.

  • It Is Convenient

Online gambling can be done literally anywhere there’s an internet connection. Hence, you don’t necessarily need to be at a specific location. So, you can gamble online and make money at home, in the office, and anywhere else you choose.

  • Bonuses & Incentives

The last major fact why a lot of people love online casinos is because they stand a chance to win bonuses and incentives. This can improve their earnings in the long run.

Cons Of Using An Online Casino 

Akin to several transactions and processes online, the major risk of using an online casino is security and privacy. Many online gamblers have been victims of scammers and rogue operators and have lost money along with their earnings. Hence, security is the major issue online gamblers have to worry about. For instance, in Sidu, a housewife was robbed of RM6, 150 via a fake online casino.

On the 25th of April. 2019, a 38yr old housewife filed a police report about being scammed on Facebook. According to the story, she was contacted by a man on Facebook who introduced himself as an online casino operator.

Also, she was told she could get bonuses for every game she played. So, on the 12th of March, she transferred RM6, 150 to an account named Maria Anthony Paramasivan. After waiting for her bonus for a long time, she was finally contacted by the man, who asked her to transfer another sum of RM17, 000 to claim a free trip to Hong Kong, as well.

It was at this point that she decided to alert the police because she realized she had been scammed. According to the Sidu OCPD Ass. Comm. Stanley, Jonathan Ringitt, the case is still under investigation.


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