New Brand Ambassador Announced By BK8 For Year 2019-2020

New BK8 Brand Ambassador For Year 2019-2020

The popular sports betting brand, BK8 is known for the extensive range of activities they offer. It is one of the growing sports betting platforms in the market and has gained immense recognition among the youth. Any platform that intends to attract a wide population needs to work on it likewise. Marketing and branding are what most of the companies do to improve to commercialize their product or service especially in appointing a brand ambassador for the brand. Following this technique, BK8 intends to make more people join in the year 2019-2020.


New Brand Ambassador Announced By BK8
New Brand Ambassador Announced By BK8


Announcement Of The New Brand Ambassador:

Recently, BK8 has announced its brand ambassador in the era where football is likely to be one of the sports which have many fans all around the globe. The famous footballer, Robin Van Persie is chosen by BK8 as their new brand ambassador. The footballer is known for his top performances for teams such as Manchester United and Netherlands and has a good image in front of the public. The agreement was first signed by BK8 and Mediapro and then was collaborated with the footballer. BK8 wants Van Persie to be a representative for them and they are pursuing his image to attract a range of people in countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Also, they are carrying out the promotion of through organizing different marketing campaigns. Working with Van Persie is a key element in gaining sponsors and establishing responses from people globally.

BK8’s Past Records And Expectations:

BK8 Cup was arranged by BK8 that resulted in tremendous achievement and received appreciation from the public. The company now aims to organize the Euro Cup. As the renowned footballer, Van Persie has collaborated with the company, he is now requested to work along with BK8 to organize the upcoming events. Also, they want him to go along with them to countries such as Thailand and Indonesia so that he could serve to inspire more people. Van Persie ought to be actively participating and really excited about being a part of this company. He wishes to make BK8 accomplish all their desired goals and happily agrees to be a part of campaigns while travelling to different countries.

Mediapro Asia:

Excitement and delightfulness now spread among a whole lot of people where the Managing Director of Mediapro Asia is too thrilled for this new experience. He considers the present situation fruitful due to the presence of the largest sports platforms in Asia and the footballer who catches attention by a large population of spectators. Van Persie acts as a motivational figure for youth and can promote the company on a better note.


We all usually look for role models in our lives from whom we ought to seek inspiration and follow them in every respect. Robin Van Persie is who a lot of people admire and BK8 couldn’t do any better other than opting for him as their new brand ambassador. BK8’s manager, Sir Lawrance Wayneson wishes to approach the present members as well as extending the platform which makes the availability of this platform for a maximum number of people. 



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