BK8 is the largest and fastest-growing online casino in Asia! We have been awarded the title as the most trusted and reliable online casino in the continent, and ever since then, our player base has been growing more than ever. In fact, the quantity of new players that we have been receiving so far has been increasing at an exponential rate. Players love to recommend other players about new games and gaming sites that they like, so we are sure that news about BK8 being such an amazing gaming and gambling platform has been spread through word of mouth. We at BK8 are certainly grateful to you, all 500,000 of you, for participating with BK8 on our journey. We consider you not as customers, but as friends. 




Christmas is just right around the corner, so as a Christmas gift for all of our friends out there, and as thanks for your sincere support for us after all these while, BK8 is now offering the LOYAL MEMBER REWARD. This award will only be available this year, and since it is already the last month of 2019, you better hurry up and claim it now. There are up to 888MYR waiting to be claimed by all your loyal members of BK8! Our definition of a loyal member is a member who had registered an account with BK8 with more than a year, so if you have been gaming with the BK8 family starting from Dec 2018 or before, and you have made at least 1 withdrawal within this year as a member, then you are entitled to claim this bonus.

The bonus funds that you will receive from this promotion depends on the number of deposits that you have made within the year. For example, if you have racked up a deposit count of 12, and you have collected a total deposit amount plus a bonus given of up to 18000 MYR, then you are entitled to a free 68MYR bonus funds! Calculation of the deposit count and deposit amount will be made by the 15th of December and the bonus funds will be issued to our members on the next working day as a Red Packet.


The Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions apply to this promotion include: bonuses are only valid for 7 days upon issuance, so players must use this fund as quickly as possible or risk getting it removed from your account! Players who are found to have yet to fulfil the prerequisite conditions stated above before applying for this promotion will also have their bonus funds removed.

If you can not apply for this promotion, do not feel down, as there are a ton of other valuable promotions on BK8 waiting for you to claim! As long as you stay with BK8, you will never run out of free cash and giveaways to receive. We love to give back to the community, which is what makes us so popular. Go to the BK8 official website today to read up more about the promotions we provide and the amazing games that we have to offer!


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